Cas Bon Majeti has drafted understandable terms and conditions. You can find them below:
(Modified as per 3/6/2020)

Included in the rental price is the use of Wi-Fi and TV, bed linen (duvets, pillows, duvet covers and (cover) sheets, large and small bath towels and kitchen linen (tea towels), for the number of people who have booked the property.


-30% of the rental price must be paid within 14 days after acceptance of the booking.
-70 % of the rental price must be paid at least 4 weeks before the start of the stay.


The landlord will repay the deposit within 2 weeks after the end of the stay, less the tenant owed to the landlord (see article 1f and article 10).


If, for whatever reason, the tenant is unable to accept the leased property on the agreed date, he must immediately inform the landlord. A telephone communication must be confirmed in writing or by email.
If the tenant cancels the contract in the period up to 6 weeks before the start date of the rental period, he shall remain 30% of the rental price; If cancelled up to 4 weeks 50% and from 4 weeks up to the start date of the rental period 100%.
If the tenant does not make any use (or any more) of the rented property on the starting date or during the rental period, he will be obliged to pay the full rental price.

Coronavirus: If it is not possible to arrive on Bonaire on or around the arrival date you have booked, we do not charge a rental price. Your (down) payment will be refunded.

Obligations of Landlord

The landlord is obliged to make the rented property available to the tenant at the agreed date and time and in good condition.

Tenant liabilities

Tenant is obliged to use the rented properly and to leave the rented in good condition, neat and tidy again. Large cleaning fee (= “Final Cleaning”) is included in the total rental price. Tenant has to leave the leased property after the agreed rental period.


Tenant is liable for damage to the leased property, including damage to or loss of (part of) the inventory, caused during the rental period, unless the tenant can justify that the damage to him, his family members or guests can not be Allocated. The amount of the damage shall be deducted from the sum paid under any insurance. Landlord shall ensure that the rented property is iinsured.

Costs of recovery

The costs of normal maintenance and repair of defects are for the account of the landlord. If any defects occur, the tenant must immediately inform the landlord and the local administrator.

Default landlord

If the landlord fails to fulfil his obligations, the tenant has the right to demand compliance and/or compensation. If the failure to do so gives sufficient reason, the tenant has the right to dissolve the agreement without the intervention of the court. If the tenant wants to make use of this right, he must inform the landlord directly in writing and motivated. In that case the landlord will reimburse the rental price in whole or in part, depending on the nature and duration of the default. Tenant reserves the right to compensation.
It is noted that the landlord cannot be held responsible for any disturbance, alteration or foreclosure of the tenant’s stay, if this is the result of unforeseen or insurmountable events beyond his will. Landlord can not be held responsible for inconvenience caused by the work of third parties such as municipality, province, companies etc.
The landlord disclaims any responsibility for loss, theft or damage to baggage, personal property or vehicle, as well as costs, resulting from the failure to reach the holiday home in time due to the delay.

Default Tenant

If the tenant has not paid the rental price on the due date or fails to comply with other obligations under this agreement, the landlord has the right to demand compliance and/or compensation.