Pay the Stinapa nature tag online

This information is for all snorkelers and divers visiting Bonaire

For the past couple of months STINAPA in cooperation with ReefSupport has been working on an online system to pay for the nature fees. Many efforts has been done to introduce an online payment system for the purchasing of tags. A lot has changed during the years, therefore STINAPA introduced many methods to make the entire process more efficient. Therefore in the same effort to add more efficiency to the processes, STINAPA is introducing the e-tag. This online system simplifies the buying of the tag, shortens the administration process for the re-sellers and the STINAPA financial team. Also the process of patrolling and checking of tags will be quicker and easier for the rangers.
This will improve the service rendered to our visitors. The costumers will be able to purchase their e-tag prior to arriving on island. They will receive their proof of purchase, which contains a QRcode in their e-mail. They could either save it on their device or have a print out of it. Once the visitor arrives on island, the next step will be to visit a local dive shop and go through the orientation process. The e-tag will also make the patrolling easier and quicker for the rangers and the visitors, as it will be a quick scan of the QR code to check if the e-tag is valid or not and in the case of loss of proof of payment it will be a quick search in the database.
The website is officially live. And it is now possible for all our visitors to purchase their e-tag, via The physical tag will also be valid and available for the remainder of this year.

Visitor Entry tax per July st 2022

Effective July 1st 2022, visitors to Bonaire will be required to pay a visitor entry tax of $75 per person, per visit. Children aged 13 or younger pay $10. The funds from the visitor entry tax are to be invested to support education, infrastructure,ctourism development and sustainability initiatives on the island.

The Visitor Entry Tax is replacing what was formerly known as the island’s ‘room tax’ and rental ‘car tax’ and was previously collected directly through accommodations and providers.

The city tax can be paid at the airport. To avoid long queues, we advise you to have paid the tax before departure. This can be done via: